Athletes: 3,742,264
Treatments: 21,718,891
Injuries: 6,222,604
ATC's Online: 49
SportsWare for Athletic Trainers
Athletic Trainers in grade schools, high schools, colleges and professional teams around the globe rely on SportsWare to record, manage, and report their athletic training room information.
SportsWare for Athletic Coaches
Coaches can access player status, roster and travel reports. Also accessible from mobile devices eliminating the need to carry paper files with emergency contact, insurance information and medical alerts.
SportsWare for Athletes and their Parents
Athletes and their parents to enter and trace emergency contacts, insurance, health history and other basic information directly into SportsWareOnLine.
Welcome to the new SportsWareOnLine.
Note: The first time you run the new version, if you see an error after logging in, or the screen does not render correctly, you should clear your cache. Search for "Chrome Clear Cache" or "Edge Clear Cache" for instructions on your specific browser. You only need to clear Cached images and files. You do not need to clear Cookies or Browsing History.

This version includes a complete re-write of the SportsWare User Interface:
  • Modern web style.
  • All screens can be resized from a wide-screen monitor, to a laptop, to tablet, all the way down to a phone.
  • Tablets and Mobile devices can be rotated from Portrait to Landscape mode with the SportsWare screens automatically re-sizing.
  • All menus and button bars automatically roll-up.
  • Each label and data field re-sizes, and re-positions on the screen.
  • The Save and Cancel buttons stay at the top of the page as you scroll down a record.
  • Provides all of the desktop website features on your phone.
  • Eliminates a separate website.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the development of the new SportsWareOnLine.
The SportsWareOnLine Team

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